Ray Long
Jun 26, 2018

MatchNEM, just a start...


Edited: Jun 14

MatchNEM is a joint venture between EPIC Westport, Xarcade and NEM.


We are rolling out a fun, challenging Match 3 game and as we develop it we will ask the community for input on everything from what we should sell for NEM, who from the the worlds of XAR and NEM we should honor in the game with avatars on the maps and eventually the ability to EARN XAR from game play.


This is above all else an experiment in democratizing the design and direction of a live game. Rather than try and guess what players want we will empower you to direct that decision making with a robust forum and the ability to vote with your NEM.


It is our hope that MatchNEM will be an entertaining game and engaging experience as we discover how to work together in this new and exciting way.

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